Goalkeeper releases video for 'Lost Reality'
Goalkeeper releases video for 'Lost Reality'
Friday, November 4, 2022 - 21:50
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Philly pop-punk trio, Goalkeeper, released a new music video today for their single “Lost Reality,” which features Nik Bruzzese of Man Overboard. “Lost Reality” is the third single off their debut full-length album, I Wish I Met You Sooner, out now via Lost Music Collective/The Orchard. Goalkeeper’s “Lost Reality” packs a dynamic punch of unhinged and emotional pop-punk. Produced by Kevin Mahoney (Hit the Lights & Joywave) and Nik Bruzzese (Man Overboard), this song was recorded at The Gradwell House. “Lost Reality” resulted from a crucial co-writing session with Bruzzese that ultimately made him and Gradwell House the obvious choice for Goalkeeper’s first LP.

“We worked hard to push Lost Reality in a way where we give the listener a lot of energy and a deeper look within some of the darker emotions we experience. We were lucky to co-write & feature Nik Bruzzese (Man Overboard) on the track which makes us excited that this is the third & last single. We wanted to push our musical ability to manifest pop-punk energy from raw emotion. ‘Lost Reality’ culminates the frustration paired with the ineptitude to move on.” - Marc Juliano (Guitar)

When opportunity knocks, Philly natives Goalkeeper are the ones answering the door. Ryan Beebe (Singer/Bassist), Marc Juliano (Guitarist), and Cody Ritchie (Drummer) came together at a critical point to create the perfect storm of melodic hooks & hard-hitting pure pop punk. Finding inspiration in the expanding genre, Goalkeeper wants to prove there are still new sounds to be heard and focuses on tight, genuine songwriting. Their music emphasizes a refined, vibrant sound influenced by early pop punk front runners, with lyrics that are fixated on introspective growth. Goalkeeper has supported such bands as Alkaline Trio, Thrice, Bowling for Soup, State Champs, The Starting Line, Hit The Lights, Real Friends, Can't Swim, With Confidence, and more. With their first LP, I Wish I Met You Sooner, produced by Kevin Mahoney & Nik Bruzzese, slated for release in 2022, Goalkeeper shows no signs of slowing down on their way to take over the pop-punk world.