Girlfriend Material (members of Tokyo Police Club & Hollerado) share video for 'Stay In Touch'
Girlfriend Material (members of Tokyo Police Club & Hollerado) Share Video For "Stay In Touch"
Wednesday, July 3, 2019 - 21:38
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Today, Girlfriend Material - composed of members from Tokyo Police Club and Hollerado - are sharing their playful new lyric video for "Stay In Touch", from their upcoming highly anticipated debut album, Cool Car, out via Dine Alone Records on July 12th.

On the song, lead singer Graham Wright says, ""I originally wrote this one for the first Girlfriend Material Christmas EP. Christmas, as my therapist hastens to remind me every November, is a very loaded time of the year, which makes it perfect to write songs about. I think my writing aim generally boils down to trying to extract the maximum amount of emotion from the smallest and most mundane scenarios, and rarely do little moments feel more pregnant with meaning than when you're back in your hometown for the holidays, when the sky has that peculiar orange glow in the sky and the snow makes everything seem quiet and close."

Regarding the video, Wright explains, "The video pretty much happened because we found out Joe [Garand, bassist] had a model of the car that's on the album cover. Building the little sets and scenery brought me back to doing musical theatre in high school, and then also to my late grandfather's incredible model train set - exactly the swirl of times and memories that the song was supposed to invoke in the first place. Mission accomplished, I guess!"