Giants Chair debut new music video 'Kids Running'
Giants Chair debut new music video 'Kids Running'
Sunday, November 24, 2019 - 09:41
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90's Midwestern emo band Giants Chair is back after a 23-year absence and will be releasing a new album, 'Prefabylon' on December 6 via Spartan Records. Earlier this week, they released a music video for the new song 'Kids Running,' which you can check out below. A literal deep dive into their video archives, the clip consists of footage shot by a friend of the band while on their first west coast tour with Boys Life in '95.

Drummer Paul Ackerman says: "I think Scott's story in “Kids Running" is one of a young Midwestern kid yearning for escape, experience, and maybe a bit of adventure. It's a road trip story - a 'head west' story. So when we saw the footage our old friend Jeremy shot from our tour out west with Boy's Life in '95, it seemed like the perfect way to visualize that story. That was our first real tour, so far from home, and the first time seeing the mountains and the Pacific Ocean for some of us. There were a lot of firsts, we had a shit-ton of fun - shaved head, tattooed hands and all - and we have lifelong friendships to go along with those memories. So yeah, it's a pretty nostalgic piece, but just maybe some other Midwestern kids will see it and be inspired to head west as well."

Contemporaries and tour mates of bands such as Jimmy Eat World, Boys Life, The Dismemberment Plan, Hoover, Sweep the Leg Johnny, Cap’n Jazz, Shiner, Boilermaker, and more, Giants Chair released a pair of albums on Caulfield Records in the 90’s and were a part of the early emo scene with acts like Boys Life, Shiner, Christie Front Drive, and fellow Kansas City bands such as Molly McGuire and Season to Risk.