Ghouls share new video for "Facebook Friend"
Wednesday, May 17, 2017 - 15:42
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London-based punk rock quintet, GHOULS, are striding into 2017 with their new 12 track album, 'RUN' which is out now through 1471 Records.

Off the back of their release day mini-marathon through Central London, which saw them performing acoustically all over the city, the band have shared the new video for album track, 'Facebook Friend'..

Speaking on the single, frontman Benedict Goold said, "We live in such an odd time for things like relationships and friendships, particularly where social networking and online dating sites are concerned. We communicate with loved ones and can even get emotionally involved with one another without even meeting in person - weird right? Although, Facebook Friend relates to a particularly personal situation for me, I think everyone can relate to having those "friends" on social networking sites that they maybe met once and haven't again seen since but now get constant life updates via the internet."