Germany's No Guidance release new single 'Oh Hell'
Germany's No Guidance release new single 'Oh Hell'
Wednesday, April 3, 2024 - 19:37
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We asked for hell, we got it - No Guidance holds a mirror up to society and makes clear that every action results in a consequence. Melodic, thrilling, critical: "Oh Hell", the first single of the upcoming album of the melodic punk rockers from Germany.

Being aware of the consequences of your actions, beliefs, decisions, and choices is a rare attribute in today’s superficial society. Amidst this cultural backdrop, No Guidance not only embraces this awareness but channels it into their very essence, infusing their melodic punk rock with a depth and sincerity that cuts through the noise of modern injustice. Weaving together blistering riffs, driving rhythms, and infectious melodies, the German 5-piece takes you back to the primal core of punk rock, infusing their music with a nostalgic energy that's both timeless and electrifying.

Founded in 2019, the band dropped their debut album "FIREWORKS FOR ARSONISTS" in June 2021 through Melodic Punk Style and Punk & Disorderly Records, swiftly becoming a favorite within the underground skatepunk scene. After sharing stages with notable acts, they hit the studio to record their second album. "LATE TO THE PARTY" is set to hit shelves in fall 2024 via Thousand Island Records from Canada.