German duo The Deadnotes share video for new single 'Easy Summer'
German duo The Deadnotes share video for new single 'Easy Summer'
Tuesday, July 20, 2021 - 18:04
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Less than 18 months after their second album Courage, Freiburg, Germany-based alt-rock duo THE DEADNOTES are delighted to mark their return with new single ‘Easy Summer’ out today through 22Lives Records.

Picking up their instruments at just 14 years of age, The Deadnotes journey through the DIY-leagues of underground punk has seen them play shows in no less than 25 European countries. Their dogged determination, and sincere brand of emo-infused indie-rock garnering widespread praise along the way.

The Deadnote’s commitment to the road was brought to an abrupt halt with the onset of the global pandemic in 2020, leaving the group to turn inwards and explore new influences, singer and guitarist Darius Lohmüller explains: “It would have been a very good time to write emo songs, but we deliberately wanted to do the opposite. We’ve tried to keep our sense of humour to the best of our abilities”.

Indeed ‘Easy Summer’ finds the band in their most upbeat and vibrant form, their video adding kaleidoscopic colour to backdrops of heavy Brutalist architecture, as the band injects fresh finds into their trademark sound. “Last year, we had more time to listen to different kinds of music – film music, jazz, electronic music and much more – we opened our ears and this was the result”, says bassist, Jakob Walheim.


Summer 2021:


24.07. Freiburg (DE), ArTik

28.07. Innsbruck (AT), Talstation

29.07. Graz (AT), Music House

30.07. Wiener-Neustadt (AT), Triebwerk

31.07. Munich (DE), Backstage w/ Cadet Carter

01.08. Braunschweig (DE), Wolters Applaus Garten w/ Razz

06.08. Freiburg (DE), Kultur_Los! Festival

07.08. Fürth (DE), Sommer am Lindenhain

16.08. Dortmund (DE), JunkYard w/ Pabst

19.08. Sursee (CH), Kulturwerk 118

26.08. Colmar (FR), Festival Natala

27.08. Voitze (DE), Fill the Void Festival

17.09. Heek (DE), Open-Air Heek

'Courage' Tour 2021:

02.12. Oldenburg (DE), Umbaubar

03.12. Lübeck (DE), Blauer Engel

04.12. Copenhagen (DK), Underwerket

07.12. Paderborn (DE), Sputnik

08.12. Bonn (DE), Bla

09.12. Mainz (DE), Schon Schön

10.12. Jena (DE), Rosenkeller

13.12. Zürich (CH), Dynamo

17.12. Freiburg (DE), Waldsee

18.12. Rorschach (CH), Treppenhaus