Gen And The Degenerates release new single 'Kids Wanna Dance'
Gen And The Degenerates release new single 'Kids Wanna Dance'
Tuesday, January 9, 2024 - 17:20
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Following the announcement of their striking debut album, ‘ANTI-FUN PROPAGANDA’ (set for release on 23 FEBRUARY 2024 via Marshall Records), alt-punk collective GEN AND THE DEGENERATES reveal their latest offering in the form of ‘KIDS WANNA DANCE’, a spiralling, dystopian anthem for the disenfranchised.

Speaking on the themes of their new single, vocalist Genevieve Glynn-Reeves (she/they) comments: "This song is about trying to reconcile the knowledge that the future of our world is very uncertain, getting up each day and trying to build a life for ourselves. Beyond that, we all want to find a way to make those lives enjoyable.Not only is the quality of life getting lower, but our politics and economy are volatile; we have to ask ourselves questions like ‘Is it even ethical to have children?’ because of the state that previous generations have left the planet in.It seems that if people want to spend all their time making stupid videos on TikTok or spend all their money frivolously, then why shouldn't they? There are no stable careers, and they won't be able to afford a house anyway. We all need to find the joy we can and each our way of dancing through the end times".

Recorded and produced by the infamous ROSS ORTON (Arctic Monkeys, Amyl and the Sniffers, Drenge, Gang of Four), the album is a coming-of-age story seeing the band as both a tightly knit unit and as individuals, find out who they are, and what they stand for. Late nights and early mornings, sexuality, gender politics and mortality, all while surviving your twenties in a volatile and confusing world fuelled by turmoil.

Sonically, their debut album ‘ANTI-FUN PROPAGANDA’ draws from New York punk and post-punk sounds – think Patti Smith, LCD Soundsystem and Sonic Youth. “The key with them all is that they can be obtuse and artsy or whatever, but they’re not afraid to just write a pop song” guitarist Sean reasons. The record has its eyes open and its tongue sticking out, bursting with witty takes on the messiness of twenty-something life in a system stacked against you.