F.O.D. release new single 'Thirtysomething and Counting'
F.O.D. release new single 'Thirtysomething and Counting'
Thursday, January 30, 2020 - 07:46
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Belgian melodic punk rock outfit F.O.D. shared 'Thirtysomething and Counting,' the first single off the band's upcoming fourth full album, 'Sleepville,' which will be out on March 20 on Bearded Punk Rock Records, Wiretap Records and Thousand Islands Records.

'Sleepville' is a storytelling album that takes its listener on a journey through time. In their announcement the band writes that they will be ignoring the boundaries of punk rock for this release.

Each record will come with an actual book which contains the story of the quiet town of Sleepville and its inhabitants.