Five reasons why you should go to Punk in Drublic in Belgium
Five reasons why you should go to Punk in Drublic in Belgium
Sunday, March 1, 2020 - 09:19
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On May 16, the Punk In Drublic Beer & Music Festival is coming to Belgium for the first time ever. If you haven't heard of the festival yet, know that it was created by the mind and liver of NOFX's frontman Fat Mike and always features the best in punk rock music and regional craft beer. Also, you can play badminton.

We know, you can't wait to buy your ticket. Which you can do here. But just in case you aren't convinced quite yet, here are five reasons why you should probaby go to Punk in Drublic in Belgium.


The festival takes place in the town of Boom. Which is Dutch for ‘tree’. But when mispronounced, it sounds like an explosion. And with a line-up that boasts NOFX, Face To Face, Frank Turner, Comeback Kid and many, many more, it is extremely likely that the whole place will indeed go off. Which is less likely at any of the German stops in places that - like every other word in German - sound more like an insult than a place you’d actually want to spend time in. Yeah, i’m talking to you, oberhausen. God, stop being such a hamburg.


It is the same site where Tomorrowland takes place. You won’t get to see an equally impressive mainstage, but this is one festival where you don’t have to stress about being able to buy a ticket. It won’t sell out in five seconds flat. That’s because you can’t build a hype around punk. It’s been dead for over 30 years.


There is one idea they did ‘borrow’ from Tomorrowland and that is the amount of care that goes into the delivery of your tickets. Buy a ticket for Tomorrowland and it is delivered in a beautifully carved wooden box. Buy a ticket for Punk in Drublic and it shows up on your doorstep in an elegantly crushed beer can. #UpThePunx


Sure, there are bands playing at the festival. Yay. More importantly though, you can try up to 12 different craft beers. That means you can try them all and then have a couple more of your favorite!


You may have already heard about the festival's Wheel of Misfortune, where you can win a spanking, a boot licking or some good old-fashioned verbal abuse. But you can also win an exclusive meet & greet with Fat Mike in the form of an S&M session. We have heard it involves being tied up and having to listen to Fat Mike sing opera. ‘Il Barbiere di Siviglia’ to be more precise, an opera written by Rossini with an aria so challenging that only few dare attempt it. If that doesn’t spell painful, we don’t know what does.