The Dunts release new single 'Birds & The Beez'
Saturday, April 28, 2018 - 08:36
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Self-dubbed “council-punk” band The Dunts are pleased to announce that their new single ‘Birds and the Beez’ will be released on 27th April 2018 via all good digital retailers.

Commenting on the track, the band said: “Honestly, it’s kinda written about talking to yourself when you’re hitting a bad one, but lyrically it’s also meant to seem like you’re having a conversation with someone else. The birds are the ones chirping outside when you’ve been up until 8am and the beez are the intended remedy.”

The Dunts were born from an increasingly fertile working class creative environment in the Scottish city of Glasgow. Formed by members Rab, Kyle, Div and Colin, alongside many of their young friends in bands on the underground circuit, The Dunts honed themselves at their spiritual home of The Priory Bar, a venue which has helped to foster a community of young, hungry bands who regularly kick about with each other. From this vital platform, they’ve managed to form their own army of fanatics around a bustling hub of musical culture amongst the high-pressure, low-opportunity climate of austerity.

“The music scene in Glasgow is thriving,” say the band “Johnny from Baby Strange actually helped produce our debut EP and the new single along with Chris Marshall from 7 West Studios - the guys there are doing some amazing things with up and coming bands like ourselves, Rascalton and Pleasure Heads. They’ve shown us a path with our music and helped us with our vision, and there are bands like Lost In Stereo, Lucia and The Ninth Wave all killing it as well.

“The political landscape of the world is getting worse, working class people are getting shafted all over the place and we see ourselves as a vehicle for our fans to escape normality - we feel the same, we’re all in it together and the word is getting out - guitar music is coming back, and we have something to say.”