Drunk Dial Records releases 'Fakes - Volume Two'
Drunk Dial Records releases 'Fakes - Volume Two'
Sunday, June 11, 2023 - 11:54
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Real bands preforming songs from fiction. That's what Drunk Dial Records is releasing cassettes of today. In an effort to avoid legal trouble from any fake bands' real lawyers, all digital sales and cassette tape profits from the Fakes compilations are donated to charity. The bands participating in volume two unanimously voted to send funds to The Innocence Project. The Innocence Project is a non-profit organization that works to exonerate the wrongly convicted through DNA testing and reform the criminal justice system to prevent future injustices.

Drunk Dial Records was an idea born at a bar table. "What if there was a record label that convinced bands to get super drunk and then make a record?" Followed shortly by "Hey, I'LL DO IT!" The ambition of Drunk Dial needed to be something more than just "Drunk History, but with bands." Deciding on the name and hook was easy—figuring out how to make it not suck proved to be a bit harder.

When music fans and booze wind up in the same room, it's clear that the songs people most connect with are the ones with a story. Tidbits are shared about the true meaning of lyrics—contexts like heartbreak and getting high—or how a hugely successful song was written in the studio just minutes before it was recorded. The goal of Drunk Dial is to cultivate these stories. By challenging musicians to get drunk, write, and record an original song and classic cover in one day, we create space for a story to develop. We're hoping that by pushing artists outside of their normal creative zone, what ends up on vinyl are more raw, expressively exposed songs than listeners would normally get to hear.


Track List

  1. Inject The Light - I Dig Pain (CHiPs)
  2. The Withers - Dance With Me Tonight (That Thing You Do!)
  3. Monomanias - Just What I Need (Bring It On)
  4. Watermelon - Mr. Nice Guy (Degrassi)
  5. Broken Gold - Broken Gold (Eddie & The Cruisers).
  6. Half Catholic - Cheese and Onion (The Rutles)
  7. Lo Fives - Fist Fight (SNL)
  8. Matt K. Shrugg - Number One (The Rutles)
  9. Night Surf - Fight (School of Rock)
  10. Heavy Lag - Friday Night (I Think You Should Leave)
  11. The Sorels - Angel's Song (Rock & Rule)
  12. The Dumpies - Professionals (The Fabulous Stains)