The Drew Thomson Foundation shares new single 'Barbed Wire'
The Drew Thomson Foundation shares new single 'Barbed Wire'
Wednesday, August 21, 2019 - 21:30
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Drew Thomson of Single Mothers is gearing up to release his first solo LP as The Drew Thomson Foundation later this year but you can already listen to the vivid, hook-laden new single 'Barbed Wire' right now!

Drew Thomson has lived through his share of ups and downs. The same kinds of trials and tribulations that most people encounter.  Thomson recently snapped out of a 10-year alcoholic spiral, battling his depression and the crippling anxiety of a life spent in front of crowds by drinking himself into oblivion. During a recording session, he recalls a moment when he was the only one in studio with a glass of wine and realized it had become a dependency. Never one to shy away from sad songs or flawed characters, where he says he finds “a lot of romance,”

Thomson’s lyrics tell the tales of troubled narrators who may or may not be himself. Returning to the theme of sobriety, “Barbed Wire” brings him and an unnamed partner in crime to a place “a long way from wasted” though he barely wastes a breath before admitting his own fallibility: “growing up’s got you down/well, you and me both.”