Dream pop / shoegaze outfit Talking Violet share video for new single 'Indigo'
Dream pop / shoegaze outfit Talking Violet share video for new single 'Indigo'
Friday, July 31, 2020 - 23:03
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Landing somewhere in the middle of dream pop, emo and shoegaze, Ontario's Talking Violet achieve a mature and informed sound with their latest single “Indigo,” the follow-up to 2018’s Round Dreams EP.

Leading with spacious, hazy chords and singer Jill Goyeau’s floaty vocals and immersing the listener in a subtle but driving performance from the bassist and drummer, “Indigo” feels as haunting as it does invitingly familiar. Nineties alternative is a clear influence here, the song channels shades of Slowdive, Mazzy Star, Smashing Pumpkins and My Bloody Valentine. The production on the track is huge - making the most of the bands ability to create a lush wall of sound without washing away the harder edged emo and punk influence. The group is a true "best of both worlds" type act that would make sense supporting any of the legends of the genre, or more modern bands like Turnover or Tigers Jaw (who they were scheduled to support pre-COVID19).

"Growing up, I used to make little mental lists in my mind of things that I had heard people say, or moments in time that had certain feelings that I never wanted to forget. Kind of like verbal ‘affirmations’ that happened in real time, when I thought to myself, ‘I want to remember this forever.’ ‘Indigo’ is trusting these moments and my intuition and allowing myself to lean into that experience of clarity and personal reassurance—even if it ends up only being temporary.” - Jill Goyeau