Dismemberment Plan, Pietasters, Ted Leo & more pay tribute to Dischord Records on new comp
Dismemberment Plan, Pietasters, Ted Leo & more pay tribute to Dischord Records on new comp
Tuesday, February 6, 2024 - 12:54
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Local DIY effort For Love Of Records announced the release of a new double-LP tribute album in honor of the seminal Washington, DC music label Dischord Records. Featuring more than two dozen local area artists covering songs spanning some of the label’s most well-known and even lesser-known bands, Yesterday & Today: DC Does Dischord delivers a hard-hitting and comprehensive reflection on more than 40 years of the pivotal Dischord catalogue. You can find the full track list below.

For Love Of Records is a fully-DIY venture by Celebration Summer bassist Greg Raelson created with the intent of putting together a premier compilation to highlight local area bands and artists while paying tribute to the record label that has defined so much of his own musical journey.

“I wanted to do something special to bring some attention to the amazing alternative, punk and hardcore scene currently happening in our area,” said Raelson.  “And in doing so, pay respect to the label that put DC underground music on the map in the first place.”

In creating this project, almost everything has been DC-centric by design. From working with local area fine artists for the packaging and design, to having local vinyl pressing plant Furnace Records handle the production. It reads as a love-letter not just to Dischord, but to the greater Washington, DC area. A portion of the proceeds will go to help local Washington, DC senior outreach charity We Are Family DC.

'Yesterday & Today: DC Does Dischord' is available now for digital download and a limited-edition gatefold double-LP in two different variants is available for preorder.


Yesterday & Today: DC Does Dischord track list:

  1. Teen Mortgage - Burn No Bridges (Gray Matter)
  2. Roscoe Tripp - Cut Self Not (Faraquet)
  3. Celebration Summer - For Want Of (Rites of Spring)
  4. Railsplitter - Dreamless (Jawbox)
  5. Orlando Furioso - Money (Embrace)
  6. Idleminds - Came Without Warning (Scream)
  7. Ted Leo - Funeral at The Movies (Shudder To Think)
  8. The Dismemberment Plan - Unrequited (Circus Lupus)
  9. Outerloop - Double Edged Knife (Slant 6)
  10. Supreme Commander - Crucified for Your Sins (Iron Cross)
  11. The Pietasters - Look Back and Laugh (Minor Threat)
  12. Curse Words - Collect the Diamonds (Q and Not U)
  13. The Mantis - Black Helicopters (Lungfish)
  14. Rise Defy - Missing Rungs (Marginal Man)
  15. Breezy Supreme - Lost in Space, Riot, Gonna Have to Fight medley (State of Alert)
  16. Collider - My Better Half (One Last Wish)
  17. Ammonite - Cake (Fire Party)
  18. dirt eater - Clean Kill (Coriky)
  19. The Goons - The Man with the Photograph (Vile Cherubs)
  20. J. Robbins - I’m James Dean (Government Issue)
  21. American Television - Bad Mouth (Fugazi)
  22. Boardroom Heroes - Circles (Dag Nasty)
  23. Braceface - My Rules (Void)
  24. TORO - It’s About Time We Had a Change (Youth Brigade)
  25. Washington Social Club - Can’t Afford to Live Here (The Aquarium)
  26. Dot Dash - My Girl Gloria (The Snakes)
  27. Don Zientara - Reconstruction (Soulside)