Debt Neglector release 'Go Fund Me' music video
Debt Neglector release 'Go Fund Me' music video
Friday, October 5, 2018 - 21:20
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Orlando's Debt Neglector are proud to unleash their music video for the first single off their new EP, "Go Fund Yourself." The band had this to say about the single:

"Go Fund Yourself is one of the more pissed-off sounding songs on the record. We wanted to do something angry and driving, but not necessarily fast. We were shooting for almost an updated take on an early 80s West Coast hardcore vibe. There's lots of feedback and dissonance, but some melody in there, too. It's about the despicable state of our country's healthcare system. Insurance companies are raking in profits while diabetics are dying because they can't afford insulin. People avoid going to get help when they're sick because the bills and debt will haunt them and then they end up dead. It's insane to me that Democrats and Republicans both approve military spending bill after military spending bill as if there's an endless source of funds, then say, "Oh we don't have the money for universal healthcare." It's gross. And then families are forced to crowdfund their kid's cancer treatment. Or go bankrupt in the process of trying to stay alive. It's fucking dystopian."

'The Kids Are Pissed' will be out Oct 26 via Smartpunk Records.