Dear Youth share video for "Reprise" Feat. Emily Ronna
Monday, February 6, 2017 - 10:40
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Last week premiered Dear Youth's new video for the song "Reprise", featuring Emily Ronna. The track is taken fromDear Youth's EP, "Over the Bridge".

Dear Youth about the song: "Reprise is a song about getting stuck in a determined moment of life. Times in which we aspire and set certain projections on relationships that actually do not exist. This ultimately creates a place where feelings are not reciprocated. This song is about the prisons we build that limit our own potential to move on and become something different, something better.

In this video, the main character (played by Jared from Dear Youth) is trapped inside his own mind. The band members exist in this place as his own internal demons playing tricks on him, keeping Jared in a vicious circle of self-destruction. At one moment of the video, Jared gains conscience of the prison he built for himself and tries do break free. In the very end (the full band part), he is able to leave this vicious circle and destroy his prison. The demons become his virtues and he is capable to move on to another chapter of his life."