Deaf Havana reveal new single "Sing"
Friday, October 14, 2016 - 12:44
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Deaf Havana's new single, ‘Sing’, is the sound of a band channelling three years of frustration into the biggest, boldest statement of their career so far. It takes all of Deaf Havana’s traditional qualities – soaring melodies, witty lyrics, an uncanny ability to make an emotional connection with rock’s heartland audience – and bolts on a riff so monstrous you can already hear next years’ summer’s festival crowds going crazy for it.

That riff – which Veck-Gilodi says came from him subconsciously tapping into his inner Smashing Pumpkin – began as a fun doodle in rehearsals. Although the frontman initially thought it was too heavy to ever work in a DH song, he soon realised the band needed to expand its horizons.

The single is taken off of the band's upcoming album "All These Countless Nights", which will be out January 27 on So Recordings.