Darkest Hour premiere “Knife In The Safe Room”
Monday, December 19, 2016 - 15:01
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Darkest Hour premiered the song “Knife in the Safe Room”, the first new music from the band’s forthcoming album, "Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora" (March 10, Southern Lord).
"This song sets the tone for the album both lyrically and sonically,” explains Darkest Hour guitar player Mike Schleibaum. “While this may be the most fierce album we have ever released, its depth and sonic richness are sure to be discovered as the listener dives in. Thematically this song has a dual purpose. On the surface it is a classic Darkest Hour song, ripe with the reflection of today’s bleak modern age but as you peel back the lyrics and ideas contained within the album story unfolds, one that is all too common in human history. This is the beginning, it is part bitter reflection of the way things are and part anthem for those who struggle to survive as the world encircles them. To quote Nina Simone: "An artists duty is to reflect the times", with that we hold a mirror to the face of all things truly horrific and give you, ‘The Knife in the Safe Room.’"