The Darien Gap share new single 'I Wish I Didn't Wish'
The Darien Gap share new single 'I Wish I Didn't Wish'
Saturday, July 22, 2023 - 12:36
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The Darien Gap have just released a new single titled "I Wish I Didn't Wish" from their debut EP Haunted Lots. Fronted by Brian Moss (Great Apes, Hanalei, The Ghost, The Wunder Years), the project combines ferocious and raw punk music with exceptional lyricism.

"'I Wish I Didn't Wish' is a reflection on the dangers of dwelling in nostalgia, the inevitability of change, bitterness, population boom, and humanity's penchant for spoiling the unspoiled," explains Moss. "It was written in a stream of consciousness form and inspired by observations, introspections, and memories regarding the island of Kauai. As with all of our material, composition of the music was a collaborative endeavor.".

Brian's writing partner is multi-instrumentalist, Mike Thompson, who happened to answer Brian's craigslist ad looking for like-minded individuals to create music with. The duo quickly hit it off and began writing the songs that would eventually make up their debut EP titled Haunted Lots. Self-recorded and mixed by the pair in a spare bedroom in Mike's home, Haunted Lots is a collaborative amalgamation of an array of influences and personalized style that manages to feel both familiar and new. "I Wish I Didn't Wish" is available on streaming platforms today and Haunted Lots will be released on August 18th via A-F Records.