DARE tears through introspective new track 'Hard to Cope'
DARE tears through introspective new track 'Hard to Cope'
Sunday, July 18, 2021 - 10:35
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Hailing from Orange County, California, up-and-comers DARE specialize in an intense sound that is as deliciously fierce as it is infectious.  Within the first few seconds of their debut album for Revelation Records, Against All Odds (due out on August 20th), it’s clear that DARE will continue the region’s reputation as a breeding ground for superb hardcore punk.

Today, the group has revealed the second single from Against All Odds — titled “Hard To Cope,” this deeply introspective and personal track touches on the struggles humankind can face when life becomes too much to handle.  The song fittingly features guest vocals from Scott Vogel (Terror, World Be Free) who comments, “DARE is my favorite band in hardcore right now.”  He continues, “…straight edge hardcore from Orange County done to perfection.”