Coma Girl share new single/video 'The Broken Bong Song'
Coma Girl share new single/video 'The Broken Bong Song'
Friday, October 15, 2021 - 23:45
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Coma Girl shared their new single “The Broken Bong Song” along with a candid music video for the track. The creation of Portland, OR based musician Quin Saunders, Coma Girl began in Los Angeles as an outlet to escape the lost and lonely feeling of being adrift and outcast in a sprawling metropolis. After a move back north in 2020 Saunders began releasing her first music as Coma Girl, inspired by bands like Blink 182, Jeff Rostenstock and Against Me!. “The Broken Bong Song” is emblematic of the fresh start that Coma Girl represents for Saunders, and the sense of empowerment that she gets through writing and releasing music. “The song is about a breakup,” she explains, “but this is a song for anyone who’s kept you down.”

“The Broken Bong Song” was written in Los Angeles, explains Saunders, “but the instruments were tracked in the attic of my parents house outside Portland, and the vocals were recorded in my shitty studio apartment in an industrial area of downtown.” For the most part this mirrors the production of the songs to be released on a forthcoming EP. The result are tracks that sound as raw and real and alive as the lyrics they underpin.

Coma Girl is composed of Quin Saunders on songwriting/vocals/guitar/production, Keagan O’Brien (he/him) on drums, and Daniel Gardner (he/him) on bass/vocals,. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more from Coma Girl