Coliseum return with first new song in nine years
Coliseum return with first new song in nine years
Wednesday, April 17, 2024 - 20:28
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Today, celebrated hardcore band Coliseum — feat. members Ryan Patterson (vocals/guitar), Kayhan Vaziri (bass/backing vocals) and Carter Wilson (drums/backing vocals) — release its first new single in nine years titled “You Might Be Dead.” Following the release of Infinity Shit, an acclaimed full-length co-release between Auxiliary Records and Equal Vision Records under the moniker C.L.S.M., “You Might Be Dead” was written and recorded in Patterson's studio in April 2024 during rehearsals for the band’s 20th anniversary shows taking place this weekend in Louisville, KY.

“As we played together and revisited songs from our back catalog that meant so much to us, we were inspired to write a new song that channeled those feelings and that energy,” Patterson says. “We had an incredible time making our C.L.S.M. side project/offshoot album that was released last year, but ‘You Might Be Dead’ connects directly to the sound and trajectory we forged when we solidified our identity as a band throughout ‘House With A Curse’, ‘Sister Faith’ and ‘Anxiety's Kiss’.”

The lyrics to "You Might Be Dead" approach some of the recurring themes in Coliseum songs since day one; forging ahead in a life outside the lines, never giving up on your passions and missions, watching everything around you constantly shift as you dig deeper and deeper into your own creative world. It is also a tribute to musicians whose lives and art touched the band and who are now gone. Whether they were family, friends, or inspirations whose music they loved, they are missed, and they will continue to sing their songs and hang on as long as they can.