Cloud Nothings shares new song 'So Right So Clean'
Cloud Nothings shares new song 'So Right So Clean'
Wednesday, October 10, 2018 - 13:03
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As Cloud Nothings gears up to release their new album, the Cleveland four-piece is sharing a new song. "So Right So Clean" follows "Leave Him Now" and "The Echo Of The World" as the latest offering from their upcoming album Last Building Burning, set to arrive October 19th via Carpark Records. The new track demonstrates the sonic range of this new record, as the slow-burning track erupts into a feverish pitch led by Dylan's vocals.

Last Burning Building arrives as a culmination of the development of Dylan Baldi's ever-changing sound, following up 2017's Life Without Sound with a new record that sees the band continue to outdo themselves and solidify themselves as a stalwart in modern rock music. The new album is an extension of the band's live performances, capturing the frenetic energy that's characteristic of their shows and infusing the jagged unpredictability of guitars that Baldi feels is missing in modern rock today.

"I'm obsessed with the idea of energy at the moment," Baldi says about the making of Last Building Burning. "That's how I thought of this record: seven short, and one long, bursts of intense, controlled chaos. I wanted to make that come across in a way that can actually be felt."