Chastity shares new song 'Flames'
Chastity shares new song 'Flames'
Wednesday, August 21, 2019 - 20:34
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Whitby, Ontario's Chastity shares a new song from their upcoming album, Home Made Satan. "Flames" follows, "The Girls I Know Don't Think So" and "Sun Poisoning" and reveals some of the feelings of isolation and paranoia that surrounded frontman Brandon Williams as he was working on the album.

Speaking on the new song, Williams shares, "7 out of 8 American families don't have the income to make the American dream happen. Austerity is growing, the working class is shrinking, and the US government on both sides is largely asleep. In 'Flames' I'm being tongue in cheek, drawing a line between sexual fetishism and American dream fetishism. In the verses I'm singing from an emotionally bleak point of view, and in the chorus I'm singing from an economically bleak point of view. It's done, and working people are starting to smell the smoke first."