Big Nothing share new song 'Still Sorta Healing'
Big Nothing share new song 'Still Sorta Healing'
Tuesday, February 8, 2022 - 14:58
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Philadelphia, PA's finest rock & roll up-and-comers, Big Nothing, recently announced their sophomore full-length, Dog Hours, due out February 18th from Lame-O Records (pre-order), and shared the album's second single "Still Sorta Healing."

Dog Hours finds Big Nothing incorporating new dynamics and textures into their timeless songwriting to make a record of warm and welcoming guitar pop that's as comforting as it is catchy. "Still Sorta Healing" follows lead single "A Lot of Finding Out," and offers another cut of jangly, feel-good power pop, this time led by co-vocalist/bassist, Liz Parsons.

Big Nothing (Parsons, guitarist/vocalist Matt Quinn, guitarist/vocalist Pat Graham, and drummer Chris Jordan) have a sound that's rooted in big guitars and big hooks, but unexpected circumstances forced them to try a different approach making Dog Hours. “With the pandemic, we were all writing separately and stuck playing quietly in our apartments,” Quinn explains. “And so it was pretty natural that we started making more stripped-back music.” The result is a more intimate version of Big Nothing that brings the acoustic guitar and layered harmonies to the forefront without sacrificing the palpable camaraderie that makes their music so endearing. It's an album that explores all of the uncertainties and existential dread of adulthood, but counters it with a Westerberg-esque sense of humanity and warmth.