Big Loser shares music video for 'Blisters'
Big Loser shares music video for 'Blisters'
Saturday, March 28, 2020 - 08:27
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Big Loser shared a video for the song 'Blisters'. It is the latest song to be taken off their Black Numbers debut 'Love You, Barely Living,' which will be out next week.

The Austin based quartet write anthemic rock songs with tinges of emo that draw comparisons to bands like The Menzingers and Spanish Love Songs.

"Blisters" is a stellar example of what Big Loser has to offer. The guitars wash over open drums and the whole track bursts with soaring vocals. The video mirrors the song and as distance builds between a couple there is a breaking point that reunites them.

"Blisters is a reflection of both the dissonance and harmony between men and women." - Chase D. Spruiell.