Bayside releases blistering new single 'Castaway'
Bayside releases blistering new single 'Castaway'
Saturday, January 27, 2024 - 11:32
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Bayside have shared their new single “Castaway”, out now via Hopeless Records.

About the new single, front man Anthony Raneri shares: “I think ‘Castaway’ is one of the most exciting songs that we’ve written in 24 years. We really wanted to keep the listener on their toes and on the edge of their seat. We hope that between the fast pace, odd timings, and metaphors that as soon as it’s over, you need to listen again”.

“Castaway” sees the band continuing to lean into their brasher side, with its breakneck pace, searing guitars, and driving percussion. Stream “Castaway” now, here, and stay tuned for more new music coming soon.