Bass Drum Of Death share new track 'Everybody's Gonna Be There' w/video tribute to tour manager Dr. Kiko
Bass Drum Of Death share new track 'Everybody's Gonna Be There' w/video tribute to tour manager Dr.
Thursday, January 26, 2023 - 16:40
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Bass Drum Of Death (John and Jim Barrett, Ian Kirkpatrick) shared the video for the anthemic 'Everybody's Gonna Be There'; a collage of footage from the band's recent tour of the UK, Ireland and Europe, and a beautiful tribute to the beloved tour manager, Dr. Kiko, who passed away in November. Their forthcoming album, 'Say I Won't', is released this Friday, January 27th via Fat Possum Records.

‘Say I Won’t ‘is the first Bass Drum of Death album written, demoed, and recorded with the touring band instead of Barrett doing everything on his own. He found a freedom in working with collaborators that wasn’t available to him before, opening different aspects of the songwriting. It was a process of live recording, layering on different parts and overdubs, and then stripping it all back to the bones of the song, keeping the raw wild heart of the music intact.


The band recorded the new record with Patrick Carney of the Black Keys at Audio Eagle Studios in Nashville and the result is a groove-oriented, 1970’s-indebted collection of rock songs, with tempos set for cruising and scuzzy guitars galore. There’s an energy and vitality to the music that feels in line with the best of the Bass Drum songs, but with an added boost that comes from new bandmates and a new perspective.


‘Say I Won’t’ finds a reinvigorated Barrett firing at all cylinders, backed by his best band yet. It’s Bass Drum of Death at their loosest and scuzziest and most tuneful, a true rock record in all the right ways. It’s a throwback by way of moving forward, sporting a maturity and swagger that comes from a decade of playing music on the road and surviving to tell about it. More than anything, ‘Say I Won’t’ is a blast to listen to, music built for driving with your stereo cranked.


“I had to relearn that making music is fucking fun,” says Barrett, “and you should have fun doing it. If it’s miserable, what’s the point?” He laughs. “But man, when a song hits, it’s the best feeling in the world. That’s what this record is about. Getting back to that good place and staying there.”