Baggage share lyric video for 'Potholes'
Baggage share lyric video for 'Potholes'
Friday, July 19, 2019 - 21:54
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Baggage is a Michigan band and their debut album, Life In Misophonia, is a Michigan record, through and through. Produced by long-time collaborator Marc Jacob Hudson (Taking Back Sunday, Laura Jane Grace) in a Flint suburb, Life In Misophonia tells the story of frontperson Jonathan “Jono” Diener’s life dealing with misophonia, a rare condition in which specific sounds trigger intense anxiety and negative physical responses, but it’s also about being in a band from the midwest.

Their latest single, “Pot Holes,” is a Michigan modern love song. They have some of the worst roads in the country and also the highest auto insurance rates. One day, Diener nearly blew a tire out driving on a terrible road; he was busy staring out the window at all the places he drove by when he was a kid, wishing he could be in love someday. It made him think about the great relationship he’s in now, as he uses the ever-changing weather of Michigan as a metaphor for a fictional relationship on the rocks or one that never was.