Bad Nerves release new video for 'USA'
Bad Nerves release new video for 'USA'
Saturday, December 2, 2023 - 14:39
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Liam Lynch’s ‘United States of Whatever’ and Sham 69s ‘Borstal Breakout’ fuel inspiration for Bad Nerves’ recent single, "USA". Frontman Bobby Nerves says, “We never in a million years thought we would get to tour America, so we made sure to document almost every minute of it so we could relive it later in case it never happens again! This video is a tiny compilation of some of that footage”.


While the quintet initially wanted to see if they could write a track using only the words “United States of America” on repeat, speaking of the track lyricist and band frontman Bobby Bird says, “It’s strangely satisfying yelling ‘United States of America’ over and over. You can feel it stick to the back of your throat. The unparalleled superpower of the West. Yosemite and the green mountains of BlackRock! The American dream and the mighty Super Bowl! But perhaps it’s just the phonetics. After all, Papua New Guinea didn’t have quite the same ring, although it did look beautiful through my computer screen”.


The bastard child of a Ramones/Strokes one night stand, Bad Nerves play ferociously fast distorted pop songs and drew acclaim with their previous releases "Dreaming", "Baby Drummer", & "Can’t Be Mine". Their sound reminiscent of Jay Reatard, Supergrass and Ramones caught early attention from BBC Radio 1, Spotify and Amazon Music, whilst the band instantly created a name for themselves as a force to be reckoned with throughout the UK rock, alternative, punk and pop scenes.