Autonomics release "Bad Blood" single
Wednesday, August 23, 2017 - 09:16
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Autonomics are unleashing their debut LP on the world on September 8th. To give fans a taste, the band has released a new single called "Bad Blood".

Their ability to get along under any circumstances-from absinthe blackouts in Prague to slogging through rainy days in the Northwest-is borne of a fraternal history together. In fact, drummer Evan Leikam and bassist Vaughn Leikam are twins, and the three gelled during freshman year of high school, jamming on and off or covering Metallica songs. Since their first official show in 2008, the trio have been a solid unit.

"We try to write music that's entertaining and bombastic throughout, from start to finish," Pantenburg says. Debt Sounds achieves both, notwithstanding the reality that being in a band like Autonomics gives you license to be a mild degenerate. "You start to justify getting caught up in the nightlife when it seems like you have a purpose and the people around you are into the band or the show," Pantenburg explains. "At the same time, you're trying to live and have relationships with people and be good to yourself while still having one foot in an isolating and often destructive lifestyle." While "it can be really taxing emotionally and physically trying to do both, there's a hopeful side too-because of the joy you get from being able to write and travel and play music for people."

Whether you're in a riotous indie rock band or not, you can likely relate to Autonomics' highs and lows, which are both addressed on Debt Sounds. "People have creative sides to them and have to balance their financial and social lives around trying to be expressive in a successful way," Pantenburg says. "We live in stressful times, but there's definitely optimism in spite of that."