Anti-Flag Stream "Coward In My Veins"
Tuesday, December 8, 2015 - 20:51
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Anti-Flag are streaming "Coward In My Veins," an exclusive b-side off of Cease Fires, now.

Cease Fires is an album of b-sides and rerecorded material to be released on A-F Records December 18th. Pre-orders for the picture disc LP are available HERE. "Coward In My Veins" is one of two previously unreleased b-sides present on Cease Fires. A quote from Chris #2 can be found below.

"Coward In My Veins was a track we all thought for sure would be on American Spring, one that when it didn't make the sequence we knew would need an important release to see light of day. It really only didn't make it because it was so different for us. The rhythm elements are so driving, and then the chorus is so pop. That said, lyrically it's got some crazy subject matter references, Russian Winter and Brazilian Summer Olympics corruption, the iron maiden across Europe, "the land of grace" lyric is a reference to conflict in Venezuela. Looking back it kind of was a huge foreshadowing of where we are at politically. The largest wealth gap in history has created an unprecedented struggle to either change or sustain the status quo. "I've seen every thing I need to see" to decide which side of that line I want to be on." - Chris #2, Anti-Flag.

The material on Cease Fires comes from the 20 Years Of Hell 7" subscription series released in 2013. The 7"s, limited to 500 subscribers, featured re-recorded material from the Anti-Flag catalogue on the a-side, and new material from a A-F Records band on the b-side. Cease Fires is a compilation picture disc LP of all of the Anti-Flag tracks, including the two unreleased b-sides "Coward In My Veins" and "The New Jim Crow." This is the first time this material is available to fans outside the subscription series, and the first time any of this material has been available digitally.

 Everyone who pre-orders the Cease Fires picture disc will be entered into an exclusive contest. One winner will receive  the ESP guitar used in the making of the Brandenburg Gate music video, signed by the band. Five winners will receive the last remaining 7"s from the 20 Years Of Hell series. Each winner will receive all six 7"s.