Andrea Manges shares new single 'COOL'
Andrea Manges shares new single 'COOL'
Thursday, March 14, 2024 - 09:00
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Andrea, lead singer of Italian punk band The Manges and LVEAM (Le Volume Etait Au Maximum) from Canada have a new DIY single out, titled "COOL".

As in their previous collaboration "Too Drunk To Fail", more 80s-flavoured, "COOL" was written by Andrea but went under the LVEAM treatment: pure pop production, guitars and synthetizers, a much unexpected sound from two punkrockers.

"I wrote COOL for my wife, it is actually my very first song about her, or speaking to her. I put in our will to understand each other and accept our insecurities, which is probably the first reason we fell in love with each other".

"I am a useless nobody. I'm worthless," says Andrea about himself. "I'm a non-artist. I can't really play, I can't really sing. But I'm having so much fun doing it!". With a career spanning 29 years, 19 albums and 74 Instagram followers, Andrea is a wild card in the pop punk /Ramonescore scene with a cult status and a real fanclub on Patreon. "I love to be on Patreon, I feel free there, it's just a few subscribers and I can talk to them without the filter of being on social networks (which for an introvert like me is always a little bit stressful). We talk about all my music projects, the Punk Rock Raduno festival, and my label Striped Records".