AJJ share 'Normalization Blues'
AJJ share 'Normalization Blues'
Thursday, January 9, 2020 - 19:17
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AJJ released a new track called “Normalization Blues” –– a true return-to-form for guitarist Sean Bonnette and bassist Ben Gallaty in terms of musical arrangement, as well as Bonnette’s distinct lyrical phrasing. Here, he laments what this neverending deluge of atrocities has done to our humanity: “I can feel my brain a’changin’, acclimating to the madness / I can feel my outrage shift into a dull, despondent sadness / I can feel a crust growing over my eyes like a falcon hood / I’ve got the normalization blues, this isn’t normal, this isn’t good.”

'Good Luck Everybody,' the seventh studio album from Phoenix’s AJJ out next Friday, is a record reflective of our times. It’s pessimistic and sad, but with small pockets of love and grace. It’s bitter and funny and scary, like a scroll through your endless feed showing you everything all at once, whether you were prepared to see it or not. But in all of its pointing-out of the world’s atrocities and how we’ve all changed as a result, Good Luck Everybody still has an underlying message to it that seeks to inspire hope and change for the better.