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Years In The Making - Prevail
Saturday, August 25, 2012 - 00:00
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Years In The Making is still a couple of years away from living up to their band name seeing as they only started out last year. But they’re already showing some decent skills on “Prevail”, their first 5-song EP. They play the kind of pop-punk that New Found Glory introduced us to and that is still being churned out by the likes of Four Year Strong.

So while the material on here is not exactly original, they do everything you’d expect them to. Melodic riffs and lyrics about girls stand right alongside breakdowns and gang vocals. They do sometimes try to mix it up a little by introducing an electronic beat in “All Your Friends” but those elements are negligeable.

All in all a decent debut EP for all the pop-punkers out there who haven’t grown tired of this sound yet.