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Once More Without Feeling
Wasting Time - Once More Without Feeling Punk Rock Theory
Monday, June 13, 2022 - 18:09
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Since starting out in Toronto back in 2017, Wasting Time have been doing anything but living up to their name with the release of a couple of EPs and a debut album while also performing alongside the likes of Smoking Popes, Direct Hit and Young Rochelles.

The pop punk quartet is back now with their sophomore full-length, ‘Once More Without Feeling,’ which they self-released with distribution by Paper + Plastick. The album comes with 10 songs worth of MXPX-like punk rock while a song like ‘Runaways’ seems to have emerged from the Alkaline Trio songbook. It all sounds accomplished and competent enough, but for some reason it never really manages to capture my full attention.


Once More Without Feeling track list:

  1. Mrs. Shorney    
  2. My Limited French
  3. Grow Up    
  4. Runaways    
  5. Didn't Want To Go
  6. Only You
  7. Star Of Right
  8. Game Night
  9. Certain Days
  10. Sincere Thank You