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Town & Country
bent denim town & country
Tuesday, May 15, 2018 - 19:19
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- by Nate Hennon

The comparison of Bent Denim to The Postal Service is apt. Both groups are composed of a duo who live in different areas and have non-traditional approaches to songwriting. However where The Postal Service’s songs reflect the cityscape, Bent Denim’s “Town & Country” has a more rural feel. Which makes sense considering Bent Denim's members are from Nashville and New Orleans, not LA or Seattle. Bent Denim songs are vast and open, not something typical for a Honky Tonk or Jazz Hall. This threw me off initially, but after the slow burn of "Askance" I started to settle into “Town & Country" and the album allowed me to get in touch with the openness of life outside the city.

The best way to describe Bent Denim's "Town & Country" is summer listening. It is not an album you put on to jam out before a night of drinking nor is it driving music. It is the type of album you have on
while sipping bourbon around a backyard fire pit. "Town & Country" feels like a hot afternoon after a harsh winter; not always too comfortable, but just right for the moment.


Track listing:

  1. Selfish Thoughts    
  2. Downtown El Fenix
  3. Askance    
  4. St. Augustine    
  5. Pageantry    
  6. Song Called Sex    
  7. My Mother Knew    
  8. Idiot    
  9. Chasing Cathering    
  10. Admiral of Excuses    
  11. My Own Breath    
  12. I Digress    
  13. Corkboard