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Surfer Blood Covers
Sunday, October 22, 2017 - 20:28
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Following the release of their fourth album “Snowdonia”, Florida’s Surfer Blood are back with a covers EP. The appropriately titled “Covers” comes with nine… well, covers that see Surfer Blood having a go at songs from nineties legends Pavement and Mudhoney to Cream and Modern English. Even if they don’t reinvent the source material, all of the covers are solid enough. Well, with the exception of the band’s lukewarm take on Outkast’s “Hey Ya”.


Will this release rock your world? Probably not. But it is fun enough to spend some time with and at the very least, it made me want to find out more about The Verlaines, an 80ies band out of New Zealand I had never heard of.


Track listing:

  1. Box Elder (Pavement)
  2. Hey Ya (Outkast)
  3. Death and the Maiden (Verlaines)
  4. World of Pain (Cream)
  5. I Melt With You (Modern English)
  6. Little Fury (Breeders)
  7. Summer Song (Chad & Jeremy)
  8. Good Enough (Mudhoney)
  9. Hey Sandy (Polaris)