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The Devil On Nobel Street
Sounds Like Violence – The Devil On Nobel Street
Friday, June 19, 2009 - 00:00
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If you already liked “With Blood On My Hands”, you’re gonna go nuts over “The Devil On Nobel Street”, Sounds Like Violence’s second album which is co-produced by Ryan Hewitt (Alkaline Trio, Red Hot Chili Peppers).

Their brand of post-whatever meets The Cult, is coupled to danceable parts yet still maintains enough of an aggressive edge not to be called poppy. This culminates in a song like “Get Out Of Bed”, which has a very Alien Ant Farm-vibe to it in the chorus. But the absolute highlights of the album come in the form of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” and “Reeperbahn” which waltz right over you but will still have you singing along with the choruses which seem to be written for nothing less than an arena.

This Swedish outfit is really coming into its own on their second album and I wouldn’t be surprised if they blow up all over the place with “The Devil On Nobel Street”!