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Sonah - Kurzgeschichten
Sonah - Kurzgeschichten
Friday, February 8, 2008 - 12:00
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A German emo band? Hmmm, that has the potential of turning out ugly. Luckily these Marburg dudes did a pretty good job on "Kurzgeschichten". German isn't the most beautiful language around but vocalist Jost does a pretty good job of not reminding me of a dude in a black coat yelling "Aufmachen!". Ten to one they do like black band shirts though. Maybe even of similar German acts such as Jupiter Jones or Muff Potter because "Kurzgeschichten" is filled with the kind of songs that bridge the gap between poppunk and emo without effort. This results in a hook-filled album with a healthy amount of energy. Not so bad after all but hardly original either. Just a fun album to pop in your stereo every now and then.