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The Big Deep
The Sleeping – The Big Deep
Monday, August 1, 2011 - 00:00
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Definitely one of the more interesting bands to watch on the Victory roster, The Sleeping drops another winner called “The Big Deep”. Right off the bat opener “Dark Days” kicks things off with a frantic riff, before whipping you into a frenzy only to then slow things down before building up again towards a great finish. The lush instrumentation, great vocals and excellent melodies make it a real treat to listen to.

There’s an abundant use of keyboards all throughout the album and it’s that electronic pulse that helps build a lot of the atmosphere and instant grandeur on “The Big Deep”. These guys don’t shy away from playing whatever feels right, even if it tears them out of their comfort zone. At times they don’t sound all that different from what a band like Dredg is doing. The result is an engaging and more than pleasant post-hardcore album by a band that has been largely overlooked for way too long if you ask me.