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I Am Growing, Honestly
Sine Cura - I Am Growing, Honestly
Saturday, August 5, 2017 - 13:05
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McAllen, TX outfit Sine Cura recently signed with Standy Records, the label that is now putting out the band’s debut EP, “I Am Growing, Honestly”.


Taking cues from grunge, emo and punk, Since Cura churn out five tracks that I honestly had to wrestle through. They are hitting all the right notes, but somehow it just isn’t doing anything for me. Lines like ‘my chest cavity was rotting so you carved out all the bad things and started stringing lights’ don’t exactly help and the acoustic  centerpiece that is “Headache Remedy” is downright grating.


They do somewhat redeem themselves with the gentle “La Luna”, which is buried at the end of the EP, but by then it was already a bit too late for me. They might be growing, but for now they aren’t there just yet.