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Everything Is Always Still Happening
Scream Hello – Everything Is Always Still Happening
Saturday, December 13, 2008 - 13:29
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Screaming hello at someone is somewhat of a contradiction. The hello part is friendly and nice, the screaming is not. That same contradiction can be found on Scream Hello’s debut full-length “Everything Is Always Still Happening”… it’s the perfect union of melodic indiepop with the occasional outburst. They like to mix things up both genre-wise and pace-wise and that’s pretty much the least you can say. Like on the 8-minute long “We Don’t Exist”, one of the album’s most ambitious songs. It’s a mashup of jangly indiepop and hardcore before fading away in some kind of rock jam. It’s actually not the best representation of the album because it’s my least favorite track on here but still. “Bullets” is the kind of song Boysetsfire could’ve written while the 52-second “Business Ethics” is a no frills hardcore song and it shows these guys can do the pissed off thing just as well as the feelgood jangly kinda thing (“Vinger And Baking Soda”, opener “Thirty-Five Plumes”. They’re not quite where they should be but Scream Hello do prove with “Everything Is Always Still Happening” that they are a force you don’t wanna mess with and I fully expect them to take over the scene with their next full-length.

Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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