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Canadian Graffiti
The Riptides - Canadian Graffiti
Saturday, September 23, 2017 - 19:04
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“Canadian Graffiti” is The Riptides’ first new album in eight years and their eighth album overall. Not sure what they have been up to in the meantime, but who cares… they’re back with a whopping 18 pop-punk tracks and not a single dud in sight. Throw in some fun surprises in the form of a duet with Bif Naked (“”), guest contributions by 88 Fingers Louie’s Mr. Precision and artwork by Archie Comics artist Dan Parent, and you’re looking at a highly entertaining album.


These Ottawa natives constantly navigate between Beach Boys-inspired harmonies (“Goodbye Hawaii”, “Fast Girls” and the bittersweet “Happy Ever After”), more aggressive tunes (“Wimpy Goes To Washington”, “Eyes Wide Shut”) and Lillingtons-styled songs (“Homing Missile”, “Manchurian Candidate”). Whatever route they choose to travel, the result is the kind of pop-punk that fans of Lookout! Records are guaranteed to appreciate. The fact that The Riptides recorded “Canadian Graffiti” with Mass Giorgino only reinforces that statement.


Original this is not, but sweet baby jesus… these guys paid attention to every little detail and manage to cram more hooks and catchy choruses in 36 minutes than some other bands in an entire career.


Track listing:

  1. Shit Sandwich
  2. Couldn't Care Less
  3. Goodbye Hawaii
  4. Totally Wasted
  5. Wimpy Goes to Washington
  6. Fast Girls
  7. Get Out of My Dreams, Get into My Tardis
  8. Homing Missile
  9. Happy Ever After
  10. Someone Just Like You
  11. Eyes Wide Shut
  12. Spies Like Us
  13. Beam Me Up
  14. I Don't Wanna Go To Work
  15. Motormouth
  16. Manchurian Candidate
  17. Babybottle
  18. Waterloo