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Winter Heart, Summer Skin
Reunions  Winter Heart, Summer Skin Punk Rock Theory
Thursday, July 18, 2019 - 08:05
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- by Tom Dumarey

Reunions is the latest band in a line that goes way around the block to take a stab at the Hot Water Music sound on their debut album, ‘Winter Heart, Summer Skin’.

While it’ hardly original, I have to say that these San Francisco natives do a pretty decent job as they barrel through ten songs in 30 minutes that will also bring to mind the likes of Nothington and The Gaslight Anthem. If gruff melodic punk rock with anthemic inclinations is your thing, then there is plenty of goodness to be found wrapped in songs like ‘Sentimentality Is For Suckers’ and ‘Sheet Metal Grey’.

Sure, the vocals can be a little too rough around the edges at times and not every song on here is as memorable as you would want it to be, but as far as debut albums go this one definitely delivers and makes me look forward to what Reunions will be up to in the future.


Track listing:

  1. Light Left On    
  2. Past Present Future Perfect
  3. In Blackout Rooms    
  4. Sentimentality is for Suckers    
  5. An Endless Night, A Century    
  6. Faster Still    
  7. Sheet Metal Grey    
  8. Slow Fade    
  9. Me, Incomplete    
  10. I Need an Editor