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The Great & Shallow EP
In Remission - The Great & Shallow EP
Tuesday, August 21, 2012 - 00:00
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In Remission is a UK-based band who have just released their second EP. It’s called “The Great & Shallow” and comes with six songs. Opener “Fractions” is the kind of song we’ve already heard a million times complete with chugga chugga riffage, a misplaced breakdown that makes for an awkward transition. Think of Finch if you still remember those guys. The rest of the EP is more along the lines of LostProphets… swirling guitars, big choruses yet heavy enough to induce a modest mosh pit.

These guys obviously have skills and know how to write a song. It’s a shame though that they chose a sound that’s not only been beaten to death, it’s also been stabbed, shot, bludgeoned, hung and run over.