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Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace
The Offspring – Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace
Friday, June 13, 2008 - 00:00
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The Offspring may still be a drummer short of being a full band but at least they finally managed to come up with an album that sounds like an Offspring album should sound: fast, rocking and catchy. Opener “Half-Truism” still feels a little hesitant but “Trust In You” could’ve been lifted straight off of “Smash” and that’s not a bad thing. Interim drummer Josh Freese who also helped the band out on their last album, does a great job like he does in the million other projects he’s a part of and along with Holland’s vocals and Noodles’ trademark riffs, The Offspring sounds like a well-oiled machine cranking out one fun track after the other. You probably already know “Hammerhead” from the radio by now and let me tell you know that the rest of the album is filled with the same kinda quality. Remarkable is that this time around they didn’t go for a novelty single like they did in the past. Actually there isn’t even a song about fly white guys or original pranksters to be found anywhere on album number eight. And thank god for that because now we can all enjoy The Offspring once again for the same reasons we fell in love with “Smash” way back then.