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Winterlong EP
no motiv - winterlong
Friday, July 20, 2012 - 00:00
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Let me just say right off the bat that No Motiv is one of the most underrated bands I know. Despite releasing awesome albums (“And The Sadness Prevails…”, “Diagram For Healing” and “Daylight Breaking”), they somehow never achieved the mass appeal their labelmates Get Up Kids and Saves The Day were privy to. But maybe that will all change now?

Eight years after the release of “Daylight Breaking”, the guys in No Motiv are back and still sound the same as they did back then. Call it dark alternative rock, emo-punk (before it became absolute crap) or whatever… fact is that these guys still write kickass songs. Think of a punkier Foo Fighters or a less poppy yet equally melancholic Alkaline Trio with some more progressive parts in it and you’re getting there. They’re really hard to pin down, which is one of their strengths and probably also the reason they never got the recognition they deserve.

My only problem with the six songs that make up “Winterlong” is just that… there are only six songs. But they will do just fine until a new full-length comes out (fingers crossed!). Until then I’ll just keep listening to songs like “Bled” or closer “Deathwish” which comes with a Queens Of The Stone Age vibe. There’s just no going wrong with this release!

Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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