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Harvest Of The Carcass
New Lows – Harvest Of The Carcass
Thursday, September 1, 2011 - 00:00
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Do you remember that opening scene from Terminator 2 where the robot-controlled vehicles roll over the battlefield and crush human skulls beneath their wheels? That’s pretty much the right mindset to be in while listening to New Lows’ “Harvest Of The Carcass”. Slowly bludgeoning you over the head with what could very well be the most pissed off hardcore/punk/metal hybrid I’ve heard in quite some time, New Lows sounds akin to an outfit such as Bolt Thrower. If that name from ancient times doesn’t ring any bells, try Nails and Trap Them on for size. Crude, rude and utterly pissed off… that about sums it up!