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My Own Co-Pilot Textures Punk Rock Theory
Saturday, September 8, 2018 - 20:39
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My Own- Co Pilot got its start last year when Michal Kosinski started writing songs again for the first time since having been in a band called Diefenbaker in the late 90ies/early 00’s. I don’t know what his previous band sounded like, but My Own Co-Pilot harkens back to that same period in time when bands like Thrice and Thursday were finding their voice.

Speaking of finding a voice… while writing and home recording, Kosinski realized his vocal skills just weren’t quite cutting it. So he scoured the worldwide web until he found a band called Save Empty Vessels. He reached out to vocalist Derrek Siemieniuk, who agreed to help him out. And voila, ‘Textures’ was on its way to being realized.

Throughout the four songs that make up ‘Textures,’ you can expect to hear plenty of quiet-loud parts. Riffs soothe one second and come crashing down on you the next. The same goes for the vocals, which range from melodic to piercing screams. And while it’s all a bit of a throwback, there’s definitely something there.

‘When The Missing Return’ for example has some big guitars going on along with a slumbering Brand New atmosphere before the chorus pulls the whole thing wide open.  ‘This Crying’ on the other hand feels less like a song than a couple of different ideas slapped together with a middle part that feels oddly out of place. Luckily it manages to pull itself out of the hole before reaching a satisfying finale.

‘Textures’ is not a perfect EP, but I like the overall sound and a lot of the ideas that pop up throughout the four songs. I’m thinking that if Kosinski turns My Own Co-Pilot into a full-fledged band so that he has more of a soundboard to work out the kinks, then this band could have a bright future.


Track listing:

  1. Exit You
  2. When The Missing Return
  3. This Crying
  4. Remembering